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Access control


Security for Businesses of all sizes

Access control solutions

Recently, eos has developed new tools for securing any sized business. Customers can implement an access control system, for a solution that will operate 100% within DW: Spectrum.

Camera and Access Control Integrations

  • Power access control from DW: Spectrum

  • Secure your all of your facility's entrances 

Cloud Based

  • Real-time updates and monitoring

  • Control from any device with internet connection

  • Lock and unlock doors 

  • Easily share data 

Full Control

  • Custom access for employees

  • Cameras with two-way audio for instant recognition

  • Outdoor entrance pedestal for parking lots

  • Secure cabinet lock for storage 

secure gate control
access control camera integration


Our access control system integrates seamlessly with DW Spectrum. Control both cameras and locked entrances from one program. Two - way audio can be added for instant communication between the person in control and the visitor.

Cloud Based

The cloud-based nature of access control adds a world of potential uses. Secure an unlimited amount of entrances, across multiple facilities. Monitor usage from any location with internet access, and easily share information with others. 

PDK Cloud Based Access Control
access control key fob pdk


Choose the amount of privileges each employee has in your facility. Lock up sensitive items, garage doors, car keys, utilities, etc. and allow access only to those who need it. Our system can help monitor the use of secured areas, so that you know exactly who accessed what.

Temperature MOnitoring

Detect early warning signs of sickness when employees or guests enter your facility. Audible and visual alerts signal upon abnormal temperature, and all data is automatically stored in your records. Facial recognition AI, and temperature reading technology can help HR keep track of spreading sickness in your company. Utilize this device wherever your employees clock in each day.  

Temperature Screening entrance kiosk access control
commercial access control systems
remote control access control

remote control

Users can use access control from any location as long as there is an internet connection. View from multiple platforms and always know what's going on.

key FOB touch reader employee


Access control systems can be triggered via key FOB. This is useful for giving employees custom access to certain entrances. 

secure cabinet storage lock access control device


Keep sensitive materials secure and always know when an employee is accessing them. Use our secure cabinet controller to help keep track of usage logs.

secure employee entrance access control custom

entrance security

Give your business a complete sense of security by knowing that all entrances are protected.

access control facility lockdown

facility lockdown

Remotely trigger a facility wide lock down, in seconds. 

access control gate entrance outdoor


We have developed a multi-purpose gate controller that is housed in a protective pedestal. Includes two-way audio, cameras, and a keypad for pin controlled triggers. Perfect for private parking lots. 

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