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Surveillance for Employee Theft Prevention

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Employee theft and loss make up two of the biggest problems facing businesses today. With all the factors that play into an employee’s decision to steal from business owners, it is important to set up guard rails to prevent this. According to The U.S. Department of Commerce, it is reported that nearly a third of business failures are related to employee theft or fraud. ( Some of the go to solutions, including security guards or loss prevention specialists, require hours of effort to be effective. A passive alternative is crucial. HQ surveillance can shed light into the darker sides of running a business and give owners a new perspective.

Employee Theft Makes an Impact

We have all been places that are under surveillance. It is not new or unique, but the feeling of being watched is the importance of this topic. If you are leading a team, then you must notice the most efficient time of the day, is when you are around. Have you ever had an employee steal right in front of you? Well, having cameras installed duplicates your presence.

Eos business surveillance cameras are available up to 4k, which means seeing everything can become a reality. High resolution cameras, proper placement, and a powerful NVR supporting them will mimic your presence, 24/7. Tons of built-in features such as multi-zoom windows, smart search, and custom layouts lets users create a perfect system. Plus, when reviewing footage, cameras only show recorded movement. This will direct your attention to any action taking place. Backtrack more effectively, see a person’s movements room by room, or automatically skip to the point of interest. All industries deal with employee theft, whether they know it or not. According to data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 75 percent of employees have admitted to stealing from their employers at least once (

The High Definition Difference

Get a Clearer Picture

Solutions for retail loss prevention yield a hefty price tag and adjustments to the infrastructure of the facility. Many small businesses just have NO plan for loss prevention. Usually, loss prevention is only effective in real time and many situations go unnoticed before it comes theft.. Luckily, with HD surveillance you get the benefits of loss prevention, in addition to the ability to retrace steps, crisp HD clarity, and insight into any previous incidents that took place. When the proper tools are put into place, monitoring your business and preventing loss will become a necessary part of your routine! Overall, making difficult decisions that effect the longevity of your business become much clearer with surveillance.

Who can benefit from surveillance?

  • Financial firms

  • Large retail chains

  • Small businesses

  • Tech companies

  • Retail + fulfillment

  • Accounting + record keeping

  • Companies w/ high turnover rates

  • Warehouse facilities

  • Storage units

  • Dispatch-based facilities

  • Manufacturers + suppliers

  • Health + hospitality

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