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Updated: Apr 14

Did you know according to The Hartford that 4 out of 10 small businesses will file an insurance claim over the next ten years. Did you also know that the top two reasons for claims are due to burglary and theft? Therefore, having a solid security system is a must have for businesses now days. Possessing a security system will reduce the number of claims a business will need to make.

Employees are responsible for most theft while in the workplace, 64% of small businesses are affected by theft with the average loss being valued at $20,000. Yet only 16% of businesses ever go through with getting the authorities involved. While that does sound very low for a business that is losing money, Jay Kennedy of the University of Cincinnati has cited these four reasons that they are hesitant to reach out:

Why don't business owners report more crime?

  1. The business owners do not see it as a serious enough problem beyond firing.

  2. The business owners attorney advises against it, the time and cost invested into the act will only result in more losses as courts rarely order enough restitution to recoup their losses

  3. Small businesses result in intimate environments with employees and owners being close and sometimes even families, the want to put the act behind them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  4. Business owners see the police/criminal justice system as ineffective so they assume that police will not do anything other than write up a report.

Shoplifting is just as serious as employee theft

But keeping employees honest is not the only hurdle that you as a business owner will face, Across the board small businesses lose $25,000-$33,000 out the door to shoplifters and burglary. The goal with preventing shoplifting is to create a high perception of risk to the would-be thief, this can be done by having general loss prevention and well planned out stores so that hidden corners are not viable. While you cannot always hire and expect to keep enough staff to monitor the entire store this will not prevent theft, But pairing your loss prevention staff with a top of the line security system can add more to dissuade would be crime even more and benefit a location in the long run.

The amounts that some stores risk to lose annually are enough to drive some of them out of business, but that is where eos comes in. Our goal is to make sure that our surveillance technology will seamlessly integrate with your business, we will design our system to your wants and needs to make sure that we are able to grant you the absolute most peace of mine possible to be able to manage, protect and grow your business. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to your personal success.

Eos systems contain many different features that are extremely beneficial to a small business

  • High powered infrared LED’s allows the camera to perform the same at night both inside and outside your business.

  • High contrast image presents the best possible visual.

  • 3-axis gimbal allowing ideal angles and flexibility with placement.

  • Rapid movement capabilities allow you to home in on a subject quickly with precision

  • 1080p resolution minimum, allowing full HD coverage and Playback.

  • Eos utilizes Bullet, Dome, and PTZ cameras for the systems.

The features above allow the ability to watch and keep track of your business from afar, as well as allowing the physical deterrent from criminal activity both employee and consumer related. This will not only save money on shrinkage but depending on your insurance provider it can save you money on your insurance policy. The savings do vary on many factors though as insurance providers all have their own regulations that would need to be followed to gain these reductions. Be sure to do your research before jumping into a policy so that you can understand and maximize the potential savings that you can afford to your business and hopefully in the near future we can help give you and your business a clear view.

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