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How eos Customers Get Free Cameras.

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eos NVR is completely expandable. Meaning that, unlike DVR or CCTV, there is no set limit to the number of cameras that can be utilized. The only requirement is additional network hardware so that IP cameras serve their purpose more effectively. Saving money goes a long way with NVR, because we create a whole infrastructure for your security system, which is the start of a future-proof solution. With eos, there is no need for compromise. True high definition and the ability to expand is what our customers can count on. A truly future-proof solution! Our customers can rest assure that their investment is serving them, even years down the road.

Referral Program

We can attribute a lot of our growth to satisfied customers spreading the good word about their cameras. eos has been extremely thankful for the organic support coming from our clients, so we offer them free cameras. We are primarily a, “word of mouth”, company.

Each customer that helps spread the word will get a free camera. Spread the word to 2 separate friends, get 2 cameras. This method has allowed eos to give free cameras to our customers for years. If you are an eos customer, please take advantage! Many other companies would never consider giving away cameras for free.. it's our token of gratitude.

The types of referrals that we will accept, include..

· Restaurants and entertainment

· Manufacturing facilities

· Retail shops and stores

· Gyms and fitness centers

· Office settings and other businesses

· Medical facilities and hospitality

· The only automatic exclusion would be residential.

Big Brother Program

The Big Brother Project is an organization dedicated to making our communities safer, through the use of surveillance cameras. We give surveillance systems to organizations that do good in our communities. Some of the recipients of Big Brother, include local schools and a donation-based outreach center in Michigan.

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