Can Surveillance Cameras Save Money?

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When businesses are considering installing a surveillance system, the first benefit that comes to mind is that they are crime deterrents. Depending on the industry and location, saving money may come through preventing crime. This is the biggest and most obvious advantage of having surveillance cameras. But, some of the lesser known advantages can be HUGE for your business. All businesses operate differently, and some of these advantages may help convince the decision maker in your company.

Customer Retention

Customers should feel safe in your business. Just like all businesses, all customers have different needs/concerns. If a customer is concerned for their safety, then having surveillance cameras can be a huge benefit. Customers can rest assure that they're in a safe place, and peacefully do their shopping. Retail spaces can be overcrowded and hectic. So eliminating the potential cause for concern can go a long way with satisfying customers. Keep them coming back!


Sometimes, it's easier to blame one person than to fix an entire team. Unfortunately many decision makers won't know any better, or see what that person is doing when they're working alone. TRUE HD surveillance allows you to see all aspects of your functioning business. Powerful camera resolution allows zoomed in shots to be crisp and clean, so investigating becomes much easier. As a decision maker, seeing an event for yourself may be all you need to come to a solution. Eliminate the he said/she said struggles, always know what happened, and create a more productive environment for your business. Surveillance cameras applied to any logistical scenario adds MAJOR insight for management.


We cannot say that cameras would automatically lower your business insurance premiums, but the right combination of interior and exterior surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control can definitely lower your rates. Many businesses already have these in place, and are unaware of the benefits they receive. Surveillance cameras are crime deterrents, combined with proper technology (depending on your situation), can lower insurance premiums. Easily cover all "high-risk" areas such as a point of sale, inventory shelving, hazardous zones, busy walking areas, parking lots, etc. This should not be the sole reason to secure your facility, because overall the benefits of cameras out weight the cost. But definitely keep this in mind when shopping for insurance providers or surveillance cameras.


For those businesses operating in a more, "high-risk" environment, you know the struggle of a faulty insurance claim. Maybe you had a disgruntled ex-employee try to make a claim, or maybe it was as simple as nobody witnessing the accident. Either way, cameras could solve the problem and assure no losses for your company, or the employee! It's important to have genuine accidents captured on surveillance cameras. Sometimes an accident sounds to crazy to be true, but what if it isn't? Knowing that can potentially save your company from a lawsuit.

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