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Employee Temperature Screening

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Employee Temperature Screening

Preventing the spread of germs and viruses is crucial for a highly functioning business. The flu can infect an entire office within hours, being spread by a single employee. According to this study, germs and bacteria spread much faster than perceived. In the age of the coronavirus, a new effort to ensure a healthy workplace has created a demand for employee health - monitoring technology. Daily temperature screenings can help mitigate the potential risk of an employee who has a fever.

Does Temperature Screening Help?

According to the CDC, performing temperature checks and screening employees does not prevent the spread of COVID-19, as certain individuals may be asymptomatic. Screening employee’s temperature does help prevent the risk of spreading disease or illness, therefore should not serve as an alternative to social distancing. It serves the purpose of pre-emptive risk evaluation. Knowing that employees are coming to work fever - free is a good sign, if an employee regularly shows signs of a high temperature, it means their body Is fighting off an infection or other illness. Our automatic temperature screening cameras were developed with all of this in mind, it produces a confidential weekly statistical report of all temperature data.

What makes this device different?

Our completely hands - free temperature screening cameras come in the form of a kiosk, which can be mounted, or placed on our moveable pedestal. Fitted with a high - quality audible alarm and light, any temperature irregularities will sound an alert. All employee screenings will be recorded using facial recognition AI and separated by date, name, employee number, and temperature. Strangers will be recorded as “stranger” with their temperature. Collected data is logged and sent to users in the form of a confidential report. This makes cataloging data easy as pie.

Time and Money

Other popular methods of gathering employee’s temperature can be costly and create more risk. Whether hiring a medical professional or seeking a volunteer for entrance screenings, hours and PPE add up. Constantly pulling employees away from normal tasks to manage temperature screening is unproductive. That is why we recommend using a hands-free, automatic temperature scanner. Another risk that manual temperature collection poses, is the formation of a line. Our temperature screening kiosk automatically detects temperature in 2 seconds, using facial recognition AI.

Talk to a specialist about our automatic, hands-free temperature screening kiosks today! (810)433-3308

Ideal for monitoring employee temperatures, works great for small teams, but can be used in most applications.

  • Retail Shop Employees

  • Corporate Retail

  • Restaurants and Kitchen Staff

  • Manufacturing Employees

  • Office Environments

  • Healthcare Facility

  • Long Term Care Facility

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