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Automatically screen employees for abnormal

body temperature




Our temperature reading technology is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It allows HR to automatically record the temperature of every employee entering the facility. Weekly reports help keep track of all temperature data.

Powered by Facial Recognition AI

  • Automatically records each employee's temperature, daily

  • Provides a weekly analytical report for record keeping 

Real Time Monitoring

  • Sounds off an audible alert upon high temperature readings

  • Placed near employee entrance, to prevent those with high temperatures from entering

  • Automatic alert updates  

  • Easily share temperatures with others


  • Can be placed anywhere, and moved to any location with power

  • Save money by gathering temperatures automatically 

temperature screening michigan
temperature screening lobby

perfect for


eos Temperature Reading technology is perfect for keeping track of employee temperatures. Designed to be placed anywhere, gather the temperature of all passing by. Place next to employee timeclocks, private entrances, or combine with access control for ultimate security.


Our temperature cameras produce an audible and visual alarm upon abnormal temperature readings. Add an alarm or boosted speaker to notify everyone in the facility. 

temperature kiosk


Choose the amount of privileges each employee has in your facility. Lock up sensitive items, garage doors, car keys, utilities, etc. and allow access only to those who need it. Our system can help monitor the use of secured areas, so that you know exactly who accessed what.

employee temperature screening technolog
facial recognition camera

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition AI makes it possible to organize every screening by face, name, day, etc.  

fast temperature readings

Fast and accurate

Accurately measure any employee's temperature within seconds of looking at the display.

live temperature detection



Automatically detects any abnormal temperatures and sounds off an audible and visual alert.

temperature camera large display

easy to read


Large and easy to read displays assure that all employees are able to see if their temperature is running high.

facial recognition data library

face and data library

We will send your HR department a weekly statistical report, consisting of every single temperature screening. Categorized by date, name, temperature, etc.

automatic temperature check



With the help of facial recognition, our device automatically detects any abnormal temperatures. This saves the hassle of paperwork and extra employees.

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